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  • P2OC.com - Polestar 2 Owners Club

    Founded in 2020, P2OC.com was established to become a home for Polestar 2 owners and enthusiasts across the world.

    Building the foundations for a community dedicated to the Polestar 2, providing the best possible organised structure for owners to share information, support each other and ultimately share the love of  the Polestar 2.

    P2OC.com promotes a safe, friendly and respectful environment to ensure everyone can enjoy their time on here.

    Meeting like minded enthusiasts is part of the passion of owning the Polestar and by interacting on the forums, you will quickly meet people with similar interests.

    Our goal is simple, to provide the definitive home for Polestar 2 Owners.

    Thanks for joining us

    Jim Dutton - Club Founder

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