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  2. Still figuring out whether I need the Pilot pack/. I saw a review online and it mentions that if you do not have the Pilot pack then there are buttons on the left hand side of the steering wheel which have no function, the buttons with the horizontal lines. is this right, they click and do nothing with no pilot pack?
  3. I am trying to figure out if it is worth buying the Plus pack for the better sound system. I read the standard version has a sub woofer (air woofer??) so the bottom end should be well represented or is it tinny sounding? Current car has a Bose system with subwoofer, so need to have a bit of bass! Anyone out there happy with the standard system?
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  7. This is actually really good! 👍
  8. Interested to see which are the most popular driving settings...
  9. If you have the P2 on your shortlist, what else are you currently considering?
  10. What are the top three things you LOVE about your P2?
  11. Hello everyone, I am very pleased to make two announcements today. HEICO SPORTIV Club Sponsors Polestar 2 Owners Club is proud to announce HEICO SPORTIV as our first Club Sponsor on P2OC.com HEICO SPORTIV based in Germany are renowned in the Volvo community and we’re very pleased to see they have already released products for the Polestar 2 in the form of Springs, Coilovers and 21” alloys, along with some accessories. I’m informed there is more to come! Having HEICO on board is an excellent start for P2OC.com and we look forward to seeing their contributions to the Club within the forums. You can see HEICO’s products here: https://www.heicosportiv.de/en/home This is the first step to offering Polestar 2 Owners access to the best products and services we can find via our Scheme, providing you with access to the companies directly through the forums. A personal thank you from me to HEICO SPORTIV for joining us. HEICO are very kindly offering paid Club Members a 10% discount on all of their products. Further details on how to obtain this discount is in their new forum section here: https://p2oc.com/forum/37-heico-sportiv/ This brings me onto the second announcement… As a thank you to everyone who has joined the Club so far and as an encouragement for you to join in on discussions within the forums, I am giving you all 1 years free ‘Club Member’ membership. It goes without saying a Club is only as good as the members within it. This means you are now entitled to HEICO’s discount and future Sponsors discounts as they are introduced in the near future. You can claim your free membership by following this link to the Club Shop: https://p2oc.com/store/product/2-club-member-1-year/ On the checkout apply the coupon code: FREEYEAR If you then choose the payment method as ‘Free Coupon Checkout’, this will speed up your checkout process. After one year, your account will simply return back to a forum user unless you decide to renew, which is entirely your choice. This offer is open to all existing accounts and ends Friday 17th September 2021. Finally, I would just like to say thank you. I run P2OC.com by myself, in my limited spare time. I have recently started a new job which required over 6 months worth of training and studying, so my time for the Club in 2021 was extremely restricted. I truly hope you can all start to benefit the forums and I encourage you all to join in with the discussion topics, introduce yourselves and add your Polestar 2 to the Garage. Regards Jim
  12. Now that we have several versions available to order and even more countries the P2 is being sold to, orders must have increased... what's your delivery date and which model have you opted for?
  13. What a beaut! 476hp 21” Polestar 1 Alloys 6 Piston Polestar 1 Brakes Ohlins 3 way adjustable Dampeners Cosmetic body colour coding We need this… Let’s hope the performance increase can be an optional purchase via an OTA update…. How much would you pay?
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