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  1. Interested to see which are the most popular driving settings...
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  2. Just so happens there is a fresh update from Shaun @ PolestarDriver here @PD-Shaun
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  3. Hi Andy and welcome, It’s a good question, which is difficult to provide a clear answer due to the amount of variables such as environment conditions, driving speed and pre conditioning the battery before a journey. The alloy wheel size you choose makes a big difference too, I believe opting for the 20” can potentially reduce range by 20 miles. (Figures stated below will be from a mix of 19” and 20” P2’s) You are absolutely correct that 292 is not achievable in real world, much like the stated MPG of ICE vehicles is never seen. The type of roads you drive on will have a bearing, such as motorway driving, the usual expectations of what speed you travel at and in turn how much drag is created. In the winter owners have been seeing as low as 160 miles with most reporting between 170-190 miles As the weather has got better recently and with the recent software update to improve range, it has been around 200 miles Come summer time, it is expected to be around the 220-240 miles, which I believe is as good as most owners will get. Some have reported near 250 miles Pre-conditioning the P2 before driving as seen better results. Polestar have produced a real world calculator which is well worth looking at: https://www.polestar.com/uk/ownership/tools/range Another excellent resource, which will only get better as more owners submit their readings is https://polestardriver.com/reports/
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