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  1. I've only has my P2 for seven weeks and I've held off making any judgements too quickly, especially anything deemed negative as I'd much sooner try and live with something to see if I get used to it first. I only have a few things that niggle me, one of them being the seats. There is a hard bar going across which every time I get into the car, my not so skinny bottom lands on, once seated correctly I don't find this an issue. The biggest grip is the lack of side bolster support. I'm far from skinny and I just don't feel like I'm held in to the seat. This has been further emphasised t
  2. Hi all, For those with Facebook accounts, if you are not already aware, Polestar have created a global group for owners only. You will need your VIN number to enter the group. They can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/officialpolestarcommunity
  3. Hi all, For those of you on Facebook, there is an excellent Facebook Group called 'Polestar EV UK' Highly recommend joining as a member, they have a really nice community of UK owners. They can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2174105976035722/
  4. What are your thoughts on a possible optional OTA power enhancement being made available? There have been some subtle hints by Polestar and we can see a single motor is capable of 231hp, so do you think a potential 50-60hp optional purchase could be made available to us? If so, what would you be happy to pay for it?
  5. What did you drive before your P2? Is there anything you miss about your previous car?
  6. What features, functions or settings have you discovered that you had no idea about?
  7. Hi all, We've recently released our Android Web App, providing a portal to P2OC.com. It can be downloaded here: P2OC.com Google Play Store This is the first release and we are currently exploring to submit this to Google as an Android Automotive App. I will update you all more soon.
  8. If you could change any three things about the P2, what would they be and why? I wish the seats were more hugging and a different material. I found them quite hot recently in the short spell of good weather we had and have always liked the feel of sporty, bolstered seats I'd really liked adaptive suspension, having experienced it in the VW, its such an excellent system. Finally, more regeneration range options with paddles. I feel the three are the extremes and maybe two more options one to match an ICE feel and another not quite so harsh as standard would be great. Having now
  9. Has anyone successfully updated their software and using the new Polestar App features? Whats your thoughts and feedback?
  10. Polestar have finished production the of the Launch Edition and have now released three new variants. The price is now starting from £39,900 Whats interesting is how this points to a potential future 'true' performance model as hinted by Mr Ingenlath... a single motor is clearly capable of 231hp, so could we see at least a 460-470hp output with a reduced consumption/range?? A few new things to note... Polestar have now added two new interior options, Charcoal & Zinc Embossed Textile and these two options have the 3D Etched trim. The Barley Leather remains the only option at an ex
  11. In the froot there is space for a foam insert and the car Jack. The Polestar is not delivered with this and whilst I can appreciate some would like this, it actually serves no purpose for the P2 as the Jack is not capable of lifting the car safely due to the load limit of the Jack. Unless you want it to be a Good Samaritan for other drivers, my advice is to use that space for more important kit such as a fluorescent jacket or other safety equipment.
  12. In the space of a week, I’ve had two ask if it’s a Tesla, one a Volvo and one a Citroen! (Don’t let the French see this to support their legal case) What have you had??
  13. Just so happens there is a fresh update from Shaun @ PolestarDriver here @PD-Shaun
  14. Hi Andy and welcome, It’s a good question, which is difficult to provide a clear answer due to the amount of variables such as environment conditions, driving speed and pre conditioning the battery before a journey. The alloy wheel size you choose makes a big difference too, I believe opting for the 20” can potentially reduce range by 20 miles. (Figures stated below will be from a mix of 19” and 20” P2’s) You are absolutely correct that 292 is not achievable in real world, much like the stated MPG of ICE vehicles is never seen. The type of roads you drive on will have a bearing
  15. I cannot be sure how accurate this information is: Polestar 2 Single Motor - Standard 224BHP 243lbs 0-62 7.4Sec 63kWh Battery 248 mile range 100Mph limited Insurance Group 42 Weight 2173Kg Polestar 2 Single Motor - Long Range 231BHP 243lbs 0-62 7.4Secs 78kWh Battery 316 mile range 100MPH Limit Insurance Group 42 Weight 2173Kg
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