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For your information the below is a list of what the different groups are:

Club Founder:
Is Jim Dutton

Club Administrators:
This is an invitation only role and will be fulfilled by volunteers who have previously being Club Staff or directly invited by Jim. Club Administrators will provide support to moderate the forums and additional support behind the scenes, as well as decision making in Jims absence.

Club Staff:
This is an invitation only role and will be fulfilled by volunteers selected by Jim. Club Staff will moderate the forums and provide support where ever possible.

Club Representative: (Positions to be opened in the near future)
Anyone can apply to become a Club Representative. This is a voluntary role to promote the Club on a UK County  or Regional basis. You will become the key organiser of physical gatherings and social events in your area. In other words, you will turn the club from online to real world on a local and or regional basis, also linking in with other EV Groups (any any car clubs)  in your area.
Another task will be to secure local discounts to support your fellow members with products and services that cannot be provided to the club as a whole.

Club Sponsor:
A full list of club sponsors can be found in the Club Sponsors Forum Section HERE.
Club Sponsors are companies or individuals who support the club by providing ‘Club Members’ a discount on their products and/or services.

Club Member:
Club Members can be anyone who wishes to both support the club financially via the membership scheme and take advantage of the discounts offered on products and services by our Club Sponsors. There is no auto renewal and you can opt back in to the membership whenever you wish.

Forum User:
Forums Users can be anyone who wishes to enjoy the Club for free. In the near future, some areas of the forum may be restricted for Club Members only, such as the Sponsors Discounts, however announcements will be made if this happens.

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